Our team is small, but skilled.

Founded in 2006, Plain Source is a tiny consultancy company specialised in Enterprise Architecture. It combines strong architecture and technical leadership with a background that includes architectural strategy definition and complex system integration. We work with you to create architectural strategy, ratify it with stakeholders, and implement it.

Our Team

Javad Heshmati is a pragmatic Enterprise Architect who is passionate about technology, learning new things and helping clients to work more effectively.

Our Core Values

Be Accountable – even when no-one is looking. We take ownership for the quality of our individual work but also take pride in what we deliver as a team.

Challenge Status Que – we find opportunity and act on it. We have the courage and curiosity to challenge the status quo, innovate and take calculated risks.

Collaborate Openly – our whole is greater than the sum of our parts. Our success is driven by our ability to build relationships, break silos and connect across teams.

Are Committed – we speak up and listen. We bring passion and energy to work, knowing that active participation is essential to create better outcomes.